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Con Reports

CN expo

If I have to be honest, the most thing I was looking forward to was meeting William Shatner. Growing up I dressed up as Captain Kirk believing I was actually Captain Kirk! So I was really excited to meet him.

Another guest was James Callis who plays Baltar in the new Battlestar Gallactica series.

The bad news is I never got to meet Shatner but I did have a short conversation with Callis.

And then there were the amazing and enthusiastic fans. The autograph line did a loop around the entire section in the Dealers Room…going from the Funi booth all the way around. It was incredible!! Here's a video of the line:

It was great hanging out with Travis, Aaron, and Yuri Lowenthal. Those guys are great and I hope to attend more cons with them soon.

I went to Ranger dinner and had such a blast hanging with you guys! Thank you so much! I was completely blown away by all the lobve and kindness shown by you.
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A big, BIG thank you to the Rangers for putting that together!!

Realms Con

I had no idea Corpus Christi is on the water…WOW! It is so beautiful there! It was fun to meet all the Rangers there and one particular Ranger was dressed as me! They were having a charity auction and they auctioned off myself and Tiffany Grant!
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They had this huge Katamari contest…it was 6 foot in diameter. Who could make the biggest ball?
I went straight from Realms Con to Dallas to dress up as Captain Kirk for a training conference. A friend of mine was in charge of the entertainment and he asked me to play the part of Kirk in a few skits. You don't have to twist MY arm!!

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Anime Weekend Atlanta

AWA is without a doubt one of my favorite conventions to attend. Travis, Luci, Monica, and Mike Sinterniklaas were also there.
The first day we were there, the staff took us on a tour of cartoon network, and while walking to the studio, Travis and I were almost hit by a car!

They had a ball Friday night and I had a blast dancing with everybody! You guys can tear up the dance floor!
On Saturday I had so much fun at the Ranger dinner and all the kids sang Brothers for me….it was so sweet! Thank you guys! I lobve you!
I always get such a kick from seeing other characters I've done, I was so excited to see Gawl there!

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Ani Magic

The convention has a very interesting layout. There is a courtyard in the middle of it with a pool so when I got up there to say hello something came over me and I thought I needed to head to the swimming pool. I got up on the stage and said "Welcome and glad to be here, you know I feel compelled to do something that is safe to say that has never happened at any other convention" and then I jumped off the stage, ran, and dove into the pool!!! Here's a picture of me after jumping into the pool:

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Wonderful gifts I was given. And also one of the most precious ones I had was original production frames of the FMA movie. Like story boards. I am so humbled…THANK YOU!!!
How even though it was a really small con, it was wonderful to see so many rangers there
I saw a really great Al cosplayer and I put on his helmet. :

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They scheduled a FMA movie showing and somebody thought it would be okay to put it in a room that only seated 60 people but there were three times that many people. We packed out the room. and at the most climatic part …15 minutes before the end movie and someone actually interrupted: anyone sitting on the floor had to leave because of fire codes. You have GOT to be kidding me?!?!?

Special thanks to the rangers who were there, it has become one of my favorite parts to be able to have the get-togethers and I love that.
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Movie Premieres


I have been looking forward to seeing this on the big screen since I began working on it many months ago. It was premiered at the Rave Theater and the show was sold out 2 hours before!!!

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Before the show I had dinner with Caitlin and few good friends at a seafood place :

Mike McFarland and Wendy Powell were at the premiere and we all had a great time signing autographs before and after the show. Speaking of autographs, there was this one girl who wanted me to sign her stomach! Oh my gosh…she wanted to tattoo my signature on her!!

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We continued to sign autographs until they kicked us out. Overall, it was a wonderful experience!


Once again the show was sold out so they had to have additional screenings. It was a pleasure and a priviledge to see it where I live.

The next day I flew to San Antonio to watch the premiere….honestly, how many premieres can one movie have? GO FMA!! The showing was sold out there as well and there were so many people in costumes. It was incredible!
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Thank You Guys!

Wow! I'm blown away by how many birthday wishes I have received!! Thank you guys so much for all your kind words and gifts!! One of the best presents was being able to watch the FMA movie with all the fans in Fort Worth on Friday night, you guys were fantastic! It was great to spend time with all of you! By the way all the art work on the vics_rangers lj community is so sweet! :)

Thank you all again for making my birthday a memorable one!

Lobve you guys!!

Anime Expo and Yasumicon Reports

It was so kindly brought to my attention that I had forgotten to do an Anime Expo con report. Oops! Here are the con reports for Anime Expo and Yasumicon.

Anime Expo

What can I say this was one of the best conventions I have ever attended! The energy there was amazing with so many people that were in attendance! It was an incredible honor to be the first American Guest of Honor at Anime Expo. I had the privilege of seeing Seiji Mizushima, the director of FMA, and I was able to give him the gift I got him. It was a Fullmetal Alchemist Italian charm bracelet that I had specially made for him. I was disappointed though, about Paku Romi not being there. . I had been so excited about finally meeting the Japanese counterpart to Edward, but due to circumstances beyond our control she couldn’t make it.

AX was going to have the Fullmetal Alchemist Movie screening and I was looking forward to see the movie in its entirety and it totally put together. During the whole movie I just sat there crying because I was so excited and amazed at how overwhelming it was. I met a lady that was the Head of Marketing for Viz. We became great friends and I was very excited that I had the chance to met her. After the movie, Seiji and the Japanese guests took me out to dinner and we had great time and many great conversations. :)

The fans at Expo were just amazing! All the panels were packed!! The lines at the autograph tables were longer then ever and there was a feeling of overall excitement every where you went at the convention. It was great to see all the Rangers there! After my panel a group of Rangers decided to dogpile me!! I know there is a video of it floating around Youtube some where! :)

Harmony Gold was there and they had a Hikaru Ichijo uniform from Macross. We got this idea for me to wear the shirt, so the con’s security made a wall around me so I could change shirts, and put the uniform shirt on. I got tons pictures taken with me in it and that was exciting to be able to wear the uniform.

The staff and the people that organized and put the convention together were just fantastic! The fans were amazing and I hope I can see you guys again!


It was kind of interesting to have this anime event in an Indian Reservation Hotel and Casino. It was a two day event and it was a free convention. They were there because they had out grown their space that they used last year!

The kids were some of the nicest I have ever met in Miami. My dear friend Piano Squall was the only other guest there. He has become such a good friend, and it was great to see him again. We decided that we would give the fans a special surprise. So at Piano Squall’s concert, when he got to the point in the concert where he plays “Brothers”, I came on to the stage and started to sing to it while he played. It was a lot of fun and we both enjoyed doing that for you guys. :)

Yasumicon was just a simple two day con, but the kids were great, and the staff was fantastic! They are even trying to organize a premier of the FMA movie and bring me back down for that! How cool is that?

Well I got to run! Hope to see you guys soon!
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Comicon, AFO, and AOD Reports

Hi guys!! Sorry I have not been able to update for a while! I have three con reports for you guys though!! :)

First off, Comicon!!

It was a huge con! I have never really been to one before. The secret geek side of me went crazy! They had a Battlestar Galactica panel that I snuck away to. I was really happy I did! I kept geeking out over everything. The Universal Pictures booth had the actual Battlestar Galactica costume, so naturally I took TONS of pictures and I’m having someone make a Battlestar tunic for me hehe!

The Square Enix booth was awesome, they had the full sized Alphonse AND full sized Edward on display! I signed autographs, and also got to see an incredible FMA wristwatch and it was very cool, that will be released in the future. Southern Island will also be releasing new action figures along with other really neat FMA merchandise.

It was a lot of fun to hang out with Aaron; we were constantly teasing each other, just like brothers! A whole bunch of Rangers met for lunch at the food court, it was loads of fun! We hung out and took pictures. Thank you guys for the fabulous time!! I was able to meet Bryan Cooney, the London Expo con chairman, we talked about the con. I am so excited to be invited to a con in London!

Comicon was a blast, and I hope I can go to another next year!!

Next up! Anime Festival Orlando!!

This con was so much fun! It was great to be there with Aaron, Travis, and Chris Sabat. We had a Ranger vs. Miniskirt Dodgeball rematch that turned out to be a complete sham! The Miniskirts had these big guys on their side, and we all knew that they were NOT miniskirts. But the true winners prevailed when we had the Forum Rangers vs. Forum Miniskirt match. The Rangers won when it counted!!

Friday night we went out to Olive Garden with Travis, Aaron, and some of the Rangers and Miniskirts. We had a lot of fun goofing off at the table, we actually got one of the Miniskirts to see the light and join the Rangers. :) Later on, one of the Rangers called Clex, and I grabbed the phone from her and pretended I was Travis!! She sounded so excited to finally meet Travis, and even did the “I love dogs!” line for her. She totally fell for it!! :)

AFO was going to show the FMA movie at a near by theatre at midnight, but it was canceled at the last minute. I was in my fan movie panel and they just came in and gave me a slip of paper that said it wasn’t going to be shown that weekend. It was very disappointing. Saturday was dodge ball, and later that night the “AFOscars” and After-party/dance. Aaron, Travis, and I got up on the stage and danced to “YMCA”. We must have been a sight to see!! I really hope that nobody got video from that dance and it show up on youtube!!

Anime Festival Orlando was absolutely fantastic, one of my favorite cons!! Thank you to the fans and staff for making it such an awesome con experience!!

Now for Anime Overdose!

Weather in San Francisco was a dream, just so perfect, cool, breezy. After coming from Orlando it was a welcome change! I arrived there just a little sad because most everyone else was at Otakon. I was already committed to Overdose so I was a little sad about missing the Otakon Festivities but very quickly the feeling was changed and I was excited to be there and forgot all about Otakon.

For a surprise, Mandy and my mom showed up at the panel and shocked me when they walked up and my mom walked up from behind and asked me to sign her FMA bag! Saturday I went up to my mom’s room to work on her computer, I opened the door, and they started to sing happy birthday to me! Mandy was filming the whole time, so that should be on youtube. You guys, I was completely and utterly blown away by all the gifts! I love you guys so much! And thank you for making my birthday so memorable! I love all the gifts you guys gave me. I can’t thank you guys enough!

Here’s a funny little story. When I left my house in Houston almost two weeks earlier, I took what I believed was enough music CDs to cover both conventions, AFO and AOD, but at AFO they were all sold out!! So I had to call my neighbor to FedEx more CDs to San Francisco, so I could sell them to the fans who wanted them there too!

One of the most special things, second only to my mom and Mandy’s surprise, was meeting Merlin Crossingham. He may not be familiar to most of you, but he is a Senior Animator of Wallace and Gromit. As soon as they introduced him, I started geeking out, because I used to do that type of claymation and stop motion animation a long time ago. He was the nicest guy and we hit it off immediately! He went to lunch with us in Japan Town, then later joined us again for dinner on Saturday night in China Town! We had an awesome time! I got some great pictures of me with the Were-rabbit that he brought. It was the actual Were-rabbit and Gromit! I offered him 100$ to take Gromit home to give him a good home and a fancy display case at my house.

AOD was a really good time and really good people that put on the event! I am happy I was able to have such an incredible experience. All thanks to you guys!! Love!!
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Anext was amazing, it was great to see how much the con has grown in just a years time. The fans were so enthuesiastic, supportive and loving it was so much fun to meet all of you and hang out.

The Fullmetal Alchemist panel totally packed out the main events room, which no panel before was able to do!! I was able to show the amv that was created for "Nothing I Wont Give" and everyone enjoyed it. (if you were not able to see it, its now availible on youtube: )

The Ranger picnic was a blast, I got raspberries and milky way darks!! It was great! I've already gained 10 pounds!!! :) It was nice to meet all of you and get to finally put names to faces, I hope to see you all again soon!

At the autograph session I was able to meet an amazing girl. She came up to me and told me how much she could identify with Edward and how she was so moved by the show. She said that she didnt care how angry her mom would be with her, she wanted me to sign her leg. I was like "o-okay" not really knowing what she was getting at. So she walked around the table and her leg was prosthetic, and it suddenly made sense when she was saying how she identified with ed. I was so humbled by the whole experience.

Sunday morning we had a fantastic church service. We were having to bring chairs into the room!!! Thanks to all who came!!

Sunday night we had been planning to go to a Broadway show, so Colleen, Laura, Caitlin and I set out to Broadway. The girls were dressed up in nice dresses and I looked like a dork standing next to them. A friend of mine wanted me to buy a fake rolex watch, so I assumed there should be some type of vendor around that sold them. While we were walking I saw a little vendor who was selling fake purses and I asked him if he knew where I could get a rolex watch. He picked up the phone and called someone and asked me "how long are you going to be around" and if I stay there about 10 minutes he had a guy coming. About ten minutes later a guy came carrying a shopping bag acting cool like nothing was going on. He came up to me "you the guy wanting the watch?" and I said "yes" he told me to follow him. We go into a McDonalds and walk all the way to back booth and he sat down then I sat across from him. We started heckling the price of the watch, we finally came to an agreement and he slipped me the watch and I slipped him the money. It felt like a drug deal or something with the way he acted!!! After that we went to see a show called the the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and it was great.

All in all ANext was another fantastic con experience, thanks to every one who came, hope to see you all again soon!

P.S. I've been telling some of you my favorite FMA movie line: "by the way nice patch too bad it doesnt cover your mouth" and finally some one has made a accurate roy plushie

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HOW WAS AKON, YOU GUYS? Did you like it? I hope you had as big a blast as I did.

Wow, where do I start? I saw my good friend Piano Squall on Friday. Saw a lot of Rangers, including the Utah Contingent! Was great to have dinner with you guys on Saturday night. Gotta love steak and lobster, mmmmmm lobster :)

I did something Saturday that I have never done at a con... I cosplayed! I was Cloud on Saturday for a couple of hours... that was such fun! I even attended one of the panels in the outfit, I think I scared a few of the other VAs! Sadly, I actually don't know much about the game (yet)! The costume actually belonged to fullmetal_clex , so many thanks to her for getting me into it. If you'd like to see some pics, I'm sure they're floating around the internet.

On Sunday, we attended the banquet, it was so great. We also had an impromptu FMA panel, with Caitlin Glass and Mike McFarland. Of course, the 100 person room wasn't near big enough for those waiting in line to get in. Bummer! I do so wish you all had gotten to see the AMV, but it should be posted soon on youtube! Sunday night, I got to see some of the Rangers again, and they were also present for an interview with Takeo from He actually wanted to talk to them more than me! But I don't blame him..... they are so cool :)

Didn't sleep much overall, but who needs sleep when you are at a con? That's what sugar is for!

I'd like to say a very belated HELLO! to all the fans I met at AKON who have since friended this journal. I try to post from time to time, and I'm sure I'll get better at this con report thing as time goes on. Next on the list is... ANext! Coming soon... hopefully...

Also! Who is going to AnimeExpo? You're gonna come see the movie, right? Right?? You better! I'll see you there!

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Con Reports

Well I finally had a chance to update here. :) I thought I would post about the past two cons I went to: Anime Boston and Persacon.

First off, Anime Boston, what can I say... it was one of the best cons I've been to. Great attendees, great staff, and well organized. There were 10,000 attendees and the energy surrounding the con was amazing!! I ate lobster everyday!!! And at the end of the con we got to go on a cruise around the harbor!!

Could there be a bigger contrast from a con with 10,000 to a con with 600 attendees!!! Persacon was great too, the attendees were wonderful. We played dodge ball, just a regular match (no ranger verse miniskirt) on Saturday and that was a blast. My dear friend Michael Coleman was there and we played tennis Saturday was hot, so we took our shirts off and the cameras were flashing. Later on in the con, I busted a vendor in the dealer's room for selling bootlegged copies of the FMA movie.
Late Saturday night I was REALLY hungry and the only thing open was a Krystal Burger drive thru!! So I walked behind the cars to the window to order my food!!! On Sunday, we had another church service like we did at MTAC it was fabulous, a lot of people attended. My uncle and his son (my cousin) who is a golf pro live in Huntsville, so of course I took my golf clubs expecting to get trampled by him, but in the end, he shot 39 and I shot 37!!

All in all both cons were fantastic and those were the first two of a four con run…this week is A-kon and next week is Anime Next. Hope to see you there!!
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Release dates for FMA DVDs!!!

Volume 10 - June 27
Volume 11 - August 1
Volume 12 - September 5
Volume 13 - September 26
Fullmetal Alchemist - The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa - September 26

and I have a special FMA surprise at the cons I attend :)

Love you guys!! Hope to see you soon!